i-chart features

i-chart is an innovative new optical tool that will impress patients and add a new dimension to your eye examination
  • random letter combinations
  • low contrast letters
  • illiterate ā€˜Eā€™ and 'C' charts
  • number charts and shape charts for children
  • fixation targets, red / green, x-cyl targets are all size adjustable
  • fan / block chart
  • animation chart to hold children's attention
  • customisable media display where your own video, animations and pictures can be displayed
  • fixation disparity targets
  • fully customisable letter chart. Any combination of letter sizes, number of letters and number of rows is possible. For example you could have 3 rows of 6/6 followed by a row of 6/3. Or 2 rows of 6/6 with 10 letters per row. Any combination is possible provided it fits sensibly on a screen
  • simple calibration and setup: i-chart will remember sizes and settings between uses and for different users of the same machine.
  • can be used with or without a mirror, total testing distances up to 8 metres
  • optional remote control
  • platform independent: current version is for Windows. Apple and Linux versions can be made available on request.
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