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I-chart Setup and use License Agreement

Except where otherwise noted, all of the documentation and software included
in the i-chart package is copyrighted by i-optics Limited

Copyright (C) 2002-2008 i-optics Limited. All rights reserved.

This is a license agreement between you, a final user of computer software, and
i-optics Limited. Please, read carefully! By clicking on "Accept" key or by using this software,
you express your approval of the
conditions and terms hereof and you are bound thereby.

Should you disagree with the conditions and terms hereof, you agree to promptly terminate the
use of this software and destroy any copies thereof or delete the program
already downloaded!

1. Providing the license: i-optics Limited through this License Agreement
grants to you non-exclusive and non-transferable rights thereunder in respect of
using a copy of the computer program for a service life thereof, i.e. for a time
period throughout which i-optics Limited shall maintain and make available an updated
version thereof. i-optics Limited may at their discretion choose to charge for updates and patches to the software.
You may install (download) and use only one copy of the program, notwithstanding
as to how many times you download the program and how many times you accept the
License Agreement.

2. Copyrights. The computer program subject thereto is and continues to be a
property of i-optics Limited. The computer program is also subject to
copyrights, and as such it is subject to a full protection thereof.

3. Use Restrictions. You must not use the program in any manner somehow
jeopardizing or violating the manufacturers' copyrights. Particularly, it is
prohibited to make copies thereof (with the exception of making copies to be
used as a backup). In addition, you must not reproduce the program, change it,
modify it, decompile it, transfer it from a mechanical code, reanalyze it or
create any deduced works therefrom by processing. All explicitly non-granted
rights are reserved.

4. Intended Use: The i-chart software is specifically designed for use by qualified and registered optical professionals for the measurement of visual acuity, to provide aids for obtaining an optical refraction. Intended users include only registered Opthalmologists, Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians. No other non-qualified person may use the software.

5. Calibration: The calibration feature of the i-chart is intended to act solely as a guide to obtaining correct letter sizes, contrast shades and colours. It the responsibility of the user ( Opthalmologist, Optometrist or Dispensing Optician) to ensure the chart is providing the correct charts, colours and sizes required for their professional assessment of a patient.

6. Assignment Restriction. This license is provided personally to you and for
that reason it does not allow you to make any duplicate (copy) to be sold,
borrowed, assigned, leased or transferred in any manner whatsoever to another
person. Any transfer executed in violation of this provision shall be deemed
invalid and constitute a reason for termination of your license validity.

7. Liability Limitation. This software is provided “as is”. Neither i-optics Limited nor its contractual dealers bare any
liability for any damages or loss of earnings arisen due to using or inability of using of the
aforesaid program.

8. Jurisdiction
All parties agree that New Zealand courts will be vested with jurisdiction in the event of any dispute arising from this agreement.

9. Applicable law
All parties agree that this agreement is governed by the law of New Zealand and that the law of New Zealand will apply to any dispute arising from this agreement.

10. Personal Data Handling. Any personal data collected as a result of your downloading and installing and registering the software shall be handled in accordance with New Zealand privacy laws.

11. Registration Code: The registration code issued is unique to the machine on which the software is installed. Once installed, the full version of this software cannot be transferred to another machine. If you have genuine reason to move you licensed copy of i-chart to another machine, i-optics Ltd may, at their discretion, and on a case by case basis consider the issuing of a new registration code. If a new registration code is issued under these circumstances and registration code transfer fee will apply which will amount to 10% of the full license fee.

12.Technical Support: The program is not subject to any guarantees, and the user
has no right to any technical support whatsoever. I-optics Limited may at their discretion choose
to provide technical support or assistance to a user on a case by case basis.


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